Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Great show on Oct 23rd! There were 72 works - a lot for us!

Denise Ross has volunteered to take over most of the entry table duties
from Cindy Alvarez and is doing a great job.
Etta and Sharon are still doing their entry table and announcing jobs
superbly - THANKS you guys - and THANK YOU to all the turn back and
herd holders.

We had a photographer at the show (Suzanne Sylvester) and the photos
should be up at www.ssylvester.com. We hope she will be at all our future

Ballots will be sent out soon. Be sure and return them to Peggy. We need
all your votes!


Sunday, October 3, 2010

October show & Elections

Hiya! It's almost time!
Our next show is October 23. Be sure to reserve your cows!

President: Scott Stresen-Reuter
Vice President: Tim Horn
Secretary: Peggy Truders
Treasurer: Cindy Alvarez

Board: (5 spots on the Board will be filled)
Don Ross
Denise Ross
Al Alvarez
Scott Raftery
Laura Jorde
Diane Burns
Kathy Maynard
Richard Maudsley