Friday, March 28, 2014

recruiting new board members

It is that time of year again to find and recruit  new board members for 2014. We have a few board members that would like to step down and just help out when needed.   If you would like to step up and be a part of the board please talk to one of the current board members.



We would like to thanks those sponsors that we have gotten so far this year.  We are needing more to cover the saddles and all the awards for the year end.  If you know of some one that would like to be a sponsor we can send you or them a sponsorship form.  It is open to sponsor a buckle, a saddle or a part of the saddles.  All is appreciated. 

fall show dates
  • October 25                cattle reservation October 22, 2014
  • November 29            Cattle Reservation November 26, 2015

you can email or call 520-221-3213