Monday, November 28, 2011

Year End Awards

Congrats to all the winners for 2011!! In fact - congratulations to EVERYBODY and thanks to you all for helping to make this year great and our shows FUN!!

Here are the 1st and 2nd place winners:

OPEN: 1) I'll Be A Cowboy - Jim Simpson, owner and rider
2) Dualin Mate - Melissa Johnson, rider; BJ & Melissa Johnson, owners
NON PRO: 1) Cheri Raftery
2) BJ Johnson
YOUTH: 1) Stephanie Payne
2) Mickey Bagley
$10,000 NOVICE HORSE: 1) Smart Little Grinch - Jim Simpson/Vince HIlls
2) Katie Dee Boonsmal - Scott Raftery/Don Rodahl
$15,000 AMATEUR: 1) Lisa Haldane
2) Jan Currier
$3,000 NOVICE HORSE: 1) Smart Little Grinch - Jim Simpson/Vince Hills
2) ImaPepWhoRU - Phil Terrell/Phil & Karen Terrell
$2,000 LIMIT RIDER: 1) Ray McClellan
2) Stephanie Payne
$!500 NOVICE HORSE: 1) Smart Wheels - Danny Thomason owner and rider
2) none qualified
$500 RIDER: 1) Linda Searles
2) none qualified

Friday, November 4, 2011

The Oct. 29th show was great - weather, new mechanical cow and it seemed like the real cows were pretty cooperative - at least for some people! Nice day.

Don't forget to check out Suzanne Sylvester's photos from the show at Good pix!

You MUST reserve cattle by Wednesday, Nov 23 - 9:30 PM - no exceptions - for REAL this time!!!!
We will be shipping cattle in and need the lead time to get them ordered, etc. If you're late, go ahead and call in your reservation because if someone cancels, you may be able to get in the draw in their place.

See ya!